1. chuuurch wars. yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah


  2. #jemandtheholograms marathon. #glitterandgold


  3. missing my brother IRL is lame. advice on handheld consoles is not.


  4.  badbadnotgood dominates while i make the interweb my bitch. 

    thanks zac-hairy


  5. nap time puh-lease.


  6. Does anyone else have this problem in the mornings?


  7. that kind of a day. 

    (Source: lonely--heartskids)


  8. i ain’t afraid to love a man. i ain’t afraid to shoot him, either. 

    © lucy bryn


  9. i will never sleep again. whuuud da fuck.


  10. one of those days.